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Instant Quotation for 3D & 2D drawings

Upload your 3D drawings on our user-friendly interface and the dynamic algorithm will share an instant quotation with you. (Coming soon!)

And unlike other platforms out there, we’ve also got your 2D drawings covered. Simply upload your 2D drawings on the Dainsta Portal or just mail them to us at [email protected] and get a globally competitive quotation within just a few hours.

3 Point Quality Assurance

Our 3-point quality assurance system makes sure nothing slips through the cracks and you always get the highest quality manufactured parts.
Here’s how we’ve incorporated our robust checks and balances system in stages:

Seamless Process & Hassle-Free Delivery

In an industry where unprecedented hold ups and complications can lead to massive financial losses, we choose to keep things uncomplicated.
Our Product Team has put their heads together to create a platform that’s kid-simple to use.
Dainsta prioritizes transparent communication so you have complete process visibility, which in turn leads to seamless and hassle-free deliveries.
We’ve also partnered up with shipping giants like FedEx and DHL to ensure express global delivery at all times.

Manufacturing Experts Support

Our engineering team has been in the arena for 20+ years now and adept at analyzing the important aspects of design and manufacturing from all possible angles. As a result, we’re always ready to provide insightful suggestions on manufacturability, cost, quality, and usability resulting in big savings for our customers.
At Dainsta, we believe in having our skin in the game and going the extra mile by not only supplying manufactured parts but also equipping you with actionable next steps.
Essentially, we are keen on solving your pressing problems, not just providing a service.

Massive Cost Savings

Tooling costs is one of the biggest expenses of a manufacturing company. And, businesses can lose a lot of money if they don’t collaborate with the right suppliers.
Suppliers often inflate costs, and this drove us to create a data driven algorithm that tracks costs like material, labour and other overheads around the world and provides the best possible costing to our customers. This can potentially lead to over 30% savings in your tooling costs.

Quality Certifications
& IP Protection

Dainsa provides quality certifications including Certificate of Conformance, Dimensional Inspection Report and Surface-finish Quality Reports along with relevant certificates requested by our customers.
Moreover, our water-tight NDA keeps your data secure and helps us build long-term client relationships on a foundation of integrity and confidentiality.
We strictly adhere to GDPR regulations and all data transmissions are done via secure channels with industry-leading encryption protocols.
Your sensitive data is safe with Dainsta.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Our data-driven approach is reflected in everything we do.
Our analytics team uses parametric and feature-based data modeling methods to make sure you get globally competitive and cost-effective quotations.
Similarly, our proprietary spare-parts management framework helps our customers save big on their capital investments.

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