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Aluminium, renowned for its lightweight yet sturdy nature, offers remarkable ease of machining, 3D printing, and metal fabrication process. Its natural corrosion resistance and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity make it versatile for outdoor, marine, and electronic applications. A CNC Aluminium machining process can further enhance its machinability, making it suitable for various mechanical applications.  

Moreover, its cost-effectiveness makes it a top choice across diverse manufacturing needs, ensuring lower production costs. 

There are hundreds of aluminium alloys; however, several alloys exhibit unique mechanical properties suitable for various applications. Some of the most commonly used Al (13) alloys in the market include:

Aluminium 6000 Series

Aluminium 6060 is well-suited for extrusion and decorative anodizing. It offers moderate to high corrosion resistance. It is commonly used in architectural, automotive, and industrial applications. 

Aluminium 6061 exhibits higher electrical conductibility, corrosion resistance, and excellent cold work properties. It is ideal for aerospace, automobile, and marine applications.

It is a versatile alloy with a higher degree of extrudability and weldability. It provides moderate corrosion resistance that surface treatments can enhance.  

Aluminium 6082 offers excellent strength and toughness and is moderately corrosion-resistant. CNC machined Aluminium 6082 is a good choice for high-stress applications where strength and durability are important. 

Aluminium 6082 can bear heavy loads. This alloy exhibits good weldability, enabling the fabrication of welded assemblies and structures easily. 

Aluminium 6061, or structural aluminium, is known for structural integrity and weldability. It can be extruded, rolled, or forged into various shapes. It offers superior strength in the aerospace, automotive, and construction industries. 

Aluminium 7000 Series

Aluminium 7050 offers remarkable strength, comparable to some steel alloys, and can be machined using conventional techniques. Due to exceptional toughness, it is used in defence applications. 

Aluminium 7075-T6 offers exceptional strength and good fatigue resistance, which can withstand repeated stress cycles without failure. 

Aluminium 7075 stands out because of its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. It has high surface toughness and can withstand high pressure. It is an ideal choice for industries requiring optimal performance under demanding conditions.

Aluminium 7075 is valued for its high fatigue resistance. It has high strength and excellent machinability, making it a good choice for aerospace and defence equipment. 

Aluminium 2000 Series

Al 2024 exhibits excellent fatigue resistance. Its impressive strength and relatively low weight make it suitable for applications like aircraft components. 

2017A Aluminium is highly ductile with moderate to high better load-bearing capacity. Its mechanical properties can be enhanced with heat treatments. 

Aluminium 2014 is known for superior machinability. Though it offers limited strength, it can be easily tailored to meet specific application requirements. 

Aluminium 5000 Series

Al 5052 offers exceptional water resistance and decent strength, making it suitable for structural applications. 

Aluminium 5083 is a tough and weldable alloy capable of withstanding seawater and industrial chemical environments. 

Aluminium 8000 Series

Aluminium MIC6 exhibits high thermal conductivity, and MIC6 offers excellent machinability. It is commonly used in applications where heat dissipation is an important part. 

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