The Ultimate Guide to Bead Blasting: Process, Benefits and Applications


Ever wondered how a smooth, uniform finish is achieved on parts? Bead blasting might just be the answer you’re looking for. This surface preparation technique can effortlessly remove stubborn rust, grime, and paint, leaving surfaces looking brand new.  This is one of the reasons why bead blasting is so popular in industries including automotive, aerospace, […]

What is Passivation and Why is it so Important?

What is Passivation

In mechanical engineering, almost every metal part or alloy is subjected to harsh conditions like moisture, high temperatures, salt spray, and much more. These conditions may also lead to corrosion or other forms of metal degradation.  So, how do these metal parts or alloys endure this tough punishment? The short answer is- surface finishing. Out […]

Different Types of Anodizing Techniques


Aluminium is everywhere these days, isn’t it? From the sleek frame of your car to medical equipment and even an aircraft, you can find it in different industries. All thanks to its strength and conductivity. However, due to its highly reactive nature, it could end up being weak, which is why metal finishing techniques like […]

7 Metal Finishing Techniques to Improve Product Quality

Surface Finish

Metal parts endure harsh conditions, which often lead to corrosion and wear and tear. Metal finishing is a viable solution to safeguard against these problems. In the metal finishing process, a thin layer of coating material is deposited on the metal part. These layers serve as a sacrificial coating, absorbing wear and preventing direct contact […]

COVID-19: How to Host a Virtual Manufacturing Day Event

How to Host a Virtual Manufacturing Day Event

MFG Day falls on October 2nd this year (the first Friday in October). Around 325,000 students, teachers, and builders participated in MFG Day 2019, which consisted of beyond 3,000 events held across multiple states. MFG Day is an ambition of The Manufacturing Institute, the workforce development and knowledge partner of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).  Given […]

How to Cut the Cost of Manufacturing

how to cut cost of manufacturing

Manufacturing to a budget can be accomplished with a visionary approach, incorporating the design of cost-efficient parts and the selection of a multiskilled manufacturing partner. Whether your company needs five parts or five million, identifying cost-cutting techniques isn’t virtually impossible. After all, cutting costs need not imply sacrificing on quality.  In this article we will […]