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What is Sheet Metal Curling

Sheet Metal Curling is a metalworking process used to form the edges into a hollow ring. It can be performed to eliminate sharp edges and increase the moment of inertia near the curled end. This process is commonly used in various industries for applications such as creating cylindrical components, decorative elements, or functional parts with curved surfaces.

Metal Curling Operation

At Dainsta, we expertly handle sheet metal curling with precision and care. Beginning with material selection and clamping, our skilled technicians set up specialized curling tools to gradually form the desired curl shape. We inspect each curl for precision and uniformity, performing post-curling operations if needed for a smooth finish. This is ideal for:

The rolled edge increases the moment of inertia, which is a measure of an object’s resistance to bending. This can be particularly important for parts that will experience stress or strain.

Properly curved edges serve various functional purposes, such as door hinges, where they play a critical role in the design and operation of the component.

Curling addresses the sharp, sometimes jagged edges created when sheet metal is cut. By adding a rolled edge, curling creates a smooth finish that’s safer to handle during manufacturing and future use of the final product. This reduces the risk of cuts and injuries for workers.

Metal curling refines edges for better load bearing, creates flanges for functional purposes and enhances the visual appeal of the final product. The process even helps remove imperfections from the cutting process.

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