Black Oxide Plating

Black Oxide Coating

What is Black Oxide Coating

In black oxide coating, the metal surface is typically treated with chemicals or subjected to specific conditions, like heat or electricity, to facilitate the formation of the oxide layer. This process not only protects the metal but can also improve its appearance or add other desired properties, such as increased hardness or electrical conductivity. 

Black Oxide Plating Process

First, the metal is cleaned to ensure a perfect reaction. Then, the metal is dipped in a hot alkaline bath, chemically converting its surface into a black iron oxide layer, magnetite. This creates a deep black, sometimes bluish-black, finish. Depending on the desired depth and performance, the metal might be submerged in the bath or receive an additional after-treatment for enhanced properties. This process best suits:

Black oxide plating is ideal for automotive parts due to its excellent corrosion resistance, which protects them from harsh weather conditions and extends their lifespan. Additionally, the black finish enhances the aesthetics of these parts.

In industrial machinery, black oxide plating offers superior wear resistance, reducing friction and minimizing wear on components during operation. It also provides a good foundation for further painting or lubrication.

For firearm components, black oxide plating is valued for its ability to reduce glare and improve corrosion resistance. This is crucial for both performance and safety in firearms.

Dainsta uses black oxide coating to give your parts a sleek, black finish that protects them from corrosion. Level up your parts with Dainsta’s black oxide plating. 

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