Wire Cut

Wire cut CNC is a specific kind of process and is one of the most common. As the wire is brought close to workpiece the electrical field increases as the distance squared. Eventually, the dielectric material will reach a point where electrical breakdown occurs and sparks will fly across the gap between the wire and the workpiece, thus causing both to be eroded by the current. The wire is used as it can be continuously spooled so that the electrode does not become too eroded.
The wire is usually made of a single strand of brass, and is held at the top and bottom by diamond guides, the guides can move in the x-y plane and the upper guide can move independently in three axes. This allows for tapers and other complex, intricate and delicate shapes to be machined
Wire cut electrical discharge machining (WEDM), is used to cut hardened metal plates as thick as 300 mm that are typically difficult to machine in any other way. It is also used when the final piece needs to have low stress, Wire EDM has low cutting force for material removal and little change in the mechanical properties is usually seen.
Wire Cut CNC is used in the manufacture of extrusion dies, blanking punches and tool fabrication. Wire Cut CNC is best used for relatively low production volumes of items that require tight manufacturing tolerances.


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